Several individuals have written letters to their ” younger-selves” and they have been great to read and I give you all of the credit in the world for releasing that content. I feel that if I wrote a letter to my younger self I would be too frustrated. I would honestly become too anxious and lose sleep. I also have trouble thinking backwards and reflecting sometimes because it becomes mentally painful. I rather not dive into that place because it brings nothing but frustration. Instead I rather hold myself accountable to my own checklist from my heart that can continue to carry me on the prosperous path that I am on. But in order to stay on that path, I need and use these constant reminders.

During my first year at MBSC I wrote a blog post that was posted on StrengthCoach.com:  Coach Boyle’s Website is an amazing website and I suggest you visit it if you haven’t yet. Recently, someone shared my old blog post off of  StrengthCoach.com  and after a quick glance, I said to myself ” I wrote this?”. Upon further review, it was I that wrote it! I’d like to share it with all of you. It’s been seven years since I’ve read this, it’s been a good reminder.



What does FROM THE HEART mean?

It is using your imagination to fuel your life, cultivate your creativity.

It is putting other’s before you, caring more about “them” instead of myself.

It is about having responsible responses, not irresponsible reactions.

It is going to work everyday to work everyday. It’s not just about the paycheck that comes weekly or biweekly, work is BIGGER than that.

It is always realizing that adversity is everlasting, but it’s not undefeated. Consistent hard work trumps what stands in our way. Insert this in any situation in life, not just training.

It is always knowing that the best baptism, is baptism under fire ( symbolically speaking). At least for me. I valued the Coach’s who paved my road in front of me. I think of you always. (Garnett Vamos, Walter Norton JR., Michael Boyle, Jason Loscalzo, Jill Wilson, Thomas Plummer)

It is loving your time on this planet, and trying to do the right thing consistently. Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest, sometimes those tough choices come about.

It is believing in myself, or yourself. Believing in the people I work with. Clients, co-workers, etc.

It is representing yourself with pride and dignity, and remembering where you came from. (781) Don’t ever forget where you came from.

It is  expecting no reward for your work. Please just know that you did the job correctly and in time the rewards will come when you least expect it.

It’s about doing what you enjoy 40+ hours per week. If it contains gratification and you consistently do a great job, the money eventually comes.

It is about going that extra mile for someone or something. Life is about a higher purpose. If you work for whatever your ” higher purpose ” is, you can become an unstoppable force, or an immovable object. Take your pick. I call this the HP Factor.

It comes front the heart.




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