Three Gifts to My Son

The exchange of the cufflink.. Rocky gave his heart to his son.

If you could grant three qualities to a newborn child, what would they be?

Imagine getting that question asked as a new Dad? Well, I have gotten that question from a mentor of mine recently, and this post is the answer to that question. I documented the question in my journal, and I thought long and hard about how to answer it.

First, I would grant him a compelling curiosity about everything…loving knowledge to it’s fullest and always being thoughtful before he has a final answer. Read and read more kid, listen up when people speak, they might know more than you do.

Secondly, I would grant him love with everything he does. I want him to know that he has permission to give as much effort as possible in his actions and that effort brings meaning, and meaning is true love. He also needs to understand that suffering is a form of love, and without suffering success is impossible. So find meaning in not only the wins, but in the suffering as well. You never lose if you learn. That is true love in any arena.

Third, I would grant him the gift of communication so that he can pass to others what he learns during his life. Maybe he will speak, maybe he will write, maybe he will communicate in a manner that I never thought I could! Be free in your speech, in your words but use them wisely. Think twice, act once.

Whatever children are or what they become, we can pass something onto them.

Pericles said:

” The secret to happiness is freedom. And the secret of freedom — courage”

With curiosity, a love of learning, the person can’t ever really be bored, nor will he find himself stagnating at a certain level of satisfaction or accomplishment. The more we learn, the more meaning we find, and the more we are able to do. It comes full circle because in turn, the more we are able to do, the more we learn. As long as we live we have the right to self-perpetuate. We are allowed to stay in motion. With a deep love for learning new things a person can develop a rich sense of stability of themselves and combat the chaos this world brings forth.

With true love he would be able to have a deep sense of empathy and sympathy for others, especially anyone in need. He would do whatever he could to polish up a suffering situation to the best of his capabilities. If he possesses true love, he could be a the victor of his environment, but he would also understand that his environment is to be used and cared for as well.

Communication is a sign of maturity, sometimes communication even means absorbing what is useful and rejecting what is useless. As he grows in maturity, he would most certainly be helping others to see the communication he brings. Honest communication without a malevolent attitude is a powerful outlet, and it is courageous.

Learning constantly, loving, and communicating. I do not think these have a price on them the last time I checked? Not too bad. A lifetime of having interest, love, and keeping in touch with life as we know it on planet earth are great gifts to possess. With these three qualities (curiosity, love and communication) an individual has a higher probability of finding value in his or her life. I want my son to find his value in everything he does, this can give him whatever type of life he wants. Learning, loving, and communicating, go for it Mick.

– Dad







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